I believe design is a process that is targeted towards achieving specific goals. Being able to achieve those goals is the first measure of good design. Good design is not always aesthetic. Good design is not always simple. But Good Design always results in learning and improvment.



Rating is a crowd-sourced ratings & review platform that provides 24/7 access to opinions on thousands of drugs, that unlike biased pharma sales reps, sourced from anonymous opinions of over 30,000 board-certified doctors with first hand experiences.


The SERMO iOS app has taken a massive journey over the past year and a half as we have redone almost every page to make it more enjoyable to use and to remove the stigma of its original launch.

Ratings Modal

The Ratings Modal was the first component we built to collect the crowd-sourced data we used to build ratings. It has helped us collect over 400,000 ratings.


Pages is a content management system that allows agencies that need to talk to physicians an online resource that guarantees their content will be viewed by physicians without fear of breaking FDA regulations.

Morgan Stanley

I worked on the mobile version of the Financial Advisor platform and helped on a strategic initiative to redesign the desktop platform. Contact me for more information about my time at Morgan Stanley.


Managed Project: RealTime pro

I mentored Eric Wagner through his first project, RealTime Pro. This work can be seen featured on his website.

Email Marketing

Emailvision is a two phase project where I worked on a proof of concept dashboard to create real time reporting and I helped enhance their flagship post-campaign reporting dashboard.

Advisor Marketing Central

An e-commerce platform focused on delivering Financial Advisor collateral and helping Advisors build their brand.

JP Morgan Markets

I worked on 2 of the core components of JP Morgan markets. Contact me for more information about my time at JP Morgan