About Emailvision

 A conceptual year based heatmap with actual email campaign data]

A conceptual year based heatmap with actual email campaign data]


Emailvision, now Smartfocus, is an email marketing company focused on email campaigns and analytical reporting on the campaigns. They were looking to work on a dashboard project in a lean development style.


The project had 2 phases a dashboard phases and a reporting phase. The dashboard phase was to design a set of MVP widgets that could be placed on a drag and drop dashboard and give live metrics on current campaigns, a feature they did not currently offer. The second phase was to create a more friendly and intuitive version of their reporting engine.


The team was very small: 1 business stakeholder, 1 other designer, and 2 developers. The other designer and I came in right after the dashboard framework had been built and they were ready to start working on widget development.


I met with the team over skype and delivered them visuals through basecamp. I worked primarily in Illustrator for the widget design and InDesign for the reporting design


Phase 1

I worked with my partner on 8 widgets to create a dynamic set of widgets to provide better analysis of overall email health as well as individual campaign health. I focused on the Team Productivity, the Multi-Varient(split) Testing, The Geographic mapping, and the Device Response widgets. For the Team Productivity widget, I explored multiple layouts and variations based on histograms, but eventually pivoted and decided to go with a heat-map calendar view to provide better clarity and possible patterning when viewed on a more recognizable layout. I also provided a "projected" future 5 day view based off of planned campaign launches. The MVT widget provides a quick summary of the progress of the roll-out as well as the performance of each variation. The Map is inspired by google maps zooming feature, providing context of location throughout the experience. The device response widget uses pie graphs to show the connection of the part to the whole for the email provider, the device, and the browser.

Phase 1 Extended

After finishing the widgets for phase 1, I decided to explore some additional visual implementations that could be developed after the MVP of the dashboard. My favorite additional explorations were for the team productivity heatmap where I explored yearly views by day and by week. I also created a cross view for device response that mashes the device and the email provider together. I also created a quality vs rate widget to help dispel the myths of vanity metrics by comparing the rate of conversions against the open rate. I created a stacked bar chart of metric comparison, to compare against the bullet charts that my partner created for the MVP widget. Finally, I explored a horizon line widget to overview the rate which campaigns are meeting their goal and how closely they are getting or surpassing those goals.


In Phase 2 I worked on enhancements to the reporting engine the company was using. For the first explorations I focused on improving the table of information provided to the user. I surfaced additional items like the snapshot link, that was hidden in a right click. I also added in sparklines to help visualize the difference in the size of the campaigns and other metrics compared throughout the table. After the initial table explorations I focused on navigation between reports. I decided on a carousel approach because the number of reports was relatively small and there was no foreseeable need to expand. Lastly I worked on clarifying their graphs and data visualization types to help ease understanding for users.