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The introduction

Advisor Marketing Central is a e-commerce website tasked with providing fulfillment services for Financial Advisors. The products range from individualized business or birthday cards to the weekly or quarterly reports produced by the company. 

THE Project

The project was to improve the experience of finding relevant items to purchase and represent the different versions of the same product.

The background

I worked with the business development team to identify user pain points across the different sections of the website: navigating the content, selecting the right content, and ordering the item. I also identified opportunities to promote brand awareness throughout the website.

We partnered with a 3rd party vendor who built our designs into a CMS system for the company to maintain themselves.

THE Delivery

I used Axure to create interactive prototypes and wireframes to present our concepts to the project managers. I did the final visuals in Photoshop and delivered interaction details and visual specifications to the 3rd part developers.

The Process

THE History

I started by exploring the current website and offerings the company had. From the very beginning it was clear the website needed to go in an e-commerce direction. The old legacy product was difficult to navigate, lacked a consolidated product page, and had no way to promote options to the users. The next step was reviewing a design concept proposed by the internal design team. The team began to address many of these "homepage" issue, content promotion and organization, but the design still wasn't user friendly and was missing out on one of the key objective to improve the selection process. This is where we started working


white board sketching of different modules


I began by sketching out different modules for the home page. I sketched out new modules as well as enhancements to features the internal UX team had investigated. I went back and forth between wire framing, prototyping a sketching throughout the entire process.



I began wire framing the sketching I had worked on. I explored different iterations and placements of the top 10 module, the recently ordered, the promotional content, and the "101" section. I tried variations that were more text heavy, more image heavy, and more white space heavy


Because my wire frames also served as rapid prototypes, I worked at a slightly more visual level for the process. Each of these prototypes was shown to the client, either in person or over screen sharing, and led to the next iteration.

FInal Visuals

As I was getting less feedback on each prototype iteration, I started adding more visual design into the wires. Eventually the visual design helped settle on certain interactions and I was able to move over to photoshop and create pixel-perfect mockups. The visuals were delivered to the client and 3rd party developers.